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Passport & Visas

Make sure you have valid passport and have fulfilled all the needs for your visa requirements. So that while travelling you doesn’t have any problem.
In case you have lost the passport please contact the embassy or consulate of the respective country.
Please ensure that you have signed up for the Smart Traveler Enrollment Program if you are travelling to and within US.
Leave copies of itinerary and passport data page to someone who can be contacted in case of emergency.


Don’t leave your luggage unattended anywhere besides this it should be properly tagged for easy identification.
Put a luggage strap around your case for easy identification and extra security.
Don’t take responsibility of anyone else luggage at any cost, no matter what they seem to be, it can be fatal or a big security risk for you.
Your contact details should be left either with someone at home or somebody in the office so that they can reach you in case of any emergency.


It should on your primary concern, so that you can travel safe and enjoy.
Asides to this make sure you have signed up for a proper health & safety check where required. If you have any health issue and you are taking medications with you, ensure that you have a separately jotted them as well with your condition and medicine so that it can be easily found in case of any health issue or medical emergency.
Other than this you should ample of medication with you so that you don’t have to risk your health condition.


As soon as you get hold to your ticket cross check each and every detail for accuracy and contact the respective travel agent or airline in case of any discrepancy.
Place your ticket and passport at place in view so that you may not forge on the day of your travel.
Try not to book your tickets in peak hours as they may cause you additional charges,book well advance of time to get good deal.


Make sure you have all your luggage properly packed and tagged at least a day before of your flight, so as to avoid any problem and you may not have to rush on the time of flight.
While packing keep in mind the local weather forecast for that specific area so that you don’t have to face any problem and you have all the proper clothe and other necessary things with you.


This is one of the most important things you should take care of, like you should be aware of how much your baggage allowance is and avoid carrying unnecessary loads of baggage.

Getting to & from the airport

You should be at the airport at least 3 hours before the flight, so that you may not miss your flight.
If your travel itinerary includes car and other modes of transportation make sure you have booked them before time and make the confirmation call to them before you start travelling. This will help you minimize any problem what so ever you may face.
Avoid drinking alcohol or too much of any other liquid as you may not be able to use the restroom before the flight is at safe altitude, in addition to this you may face from dehydration during the flight, which is not good for your helath.


You should have sufficient amount of money with you so that you can spend money once you havearrived your destination and incase of odd hours you may not feel any hassle.
In addition to this you should have all the concerned travel and debit, credit cards holder companies so that if it is lost you can contact them if lost.


While you are onboard try to drink enough water so that you don’t have to face dehydration.
Try to check for flight magazine or other gentle exercises that helps you avoiding stiffness and tiredness of body joints.
Don’t take heavy meal prior to flight or whilst you are onboard because heavy meals are not easily digestible and may cause inconvenience during the flight.